Here at IASPD we supply and train dog's to the very highest level and only when we know our dog's are ready to be placed into their respective home's do we let them leave our training centre.

We encourage prospective client's to come and watch our training and the level and quality of the dog's we provide, we have been training dog's for over 30 year's and our dog's are trained to the highest level possible and we always ensure our dog's are safe to be placed in a family environment.

All our dog's are brought up around children and other animals, they are socialised and adapt to all types of environments.

Please contact for a list of available dogs

Below you can see just some of dogs that have been sourced through us and trained by us for duties such as Security Work, Personal Protection, Sport Dogs, Drug & Money Detection Dog's.

Here is just an example of the dogs we supply and train.

Contact us for current available dogs at

Ziggo is a great example of the type of dogs we source and train at our centre.

Ziggo is a fully trained Personal Protection dog and is in a family environment where his owners are  retired and now want a dog that they can rely on.

Nika is an exceptional example of the Dobermann breed and is the highest titled Dobermann ever in the UK

* 2017 Dutch youth working Champion. 

* 2017 Dutch Female working Champion. 

* 2018 Dutch Female working Champion.

* 2018 Vice Winner Dutch IGP Nationals.

* 1st UK Dobermann to get 100p in tracking and under an FCI judge.

* Highest points in an IGP3 event

Rivah is a fully trained security dog and a personal protection dog after completing her training with her handler and assistant IASPD trainer Alex.

This team is an operational quick response team in and around the London area.

Ranger is an excellent example of the Belgian Shepherd breed and is currently training in IGP at our training centre with his owner Ian.

We have high hopes for this team in the future.

Zara is a fully trained PP dog and is with a large family doing what she has been trained to do which is protect her family and also be a loving companion.

Zara has a lovely nature but also a very switched on dog when required.

Duke is a very strong GSD who brings the real work when he has too.

Duke has completed the Personal Protection training and is currently IGP2 and lives with a large family in the heart of London.

Drago is a very strong Dobermann from Russia and is now a fully trained Personal Protection dog and also in training for IGP

 Another excellent example of the type's of dog's coming through our training centre.

Ziggy is another great example of the Dobermann breed and is currently training at our centre.

Ziggy is going through the IGP program with his owner Kimberley and Ziggy lives with 2 children and various other animals.

Pinkie is a very large female boerboel and is currently in training to be a personal protection dog.

Pinkie live with a family and several other dog's and horses.

Zara is another fine example of the Belgian Shepherd this dog is a fully trained Personal Protection dog and lives on a farm with it's owners and several other dog's.

Ragnor is a beautiful Belgian Shepherd with lots of power and is currently in training for IGP at our training centre.

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